General frequency inverter

BD330 Series High Performance Vector Inverter

BD330 is the latest generation of high-performance open-loop vector inverter developed by our company on the basis of DZB300. It has superior performance and rich functions; more reasonable structure, excellent heat dissipation performance, smaller size, flexible configuration, and can meet different needs of customers. Beautiful apperance.


Metal processing, CNC machine, wire drawing machine and other mechanical equipment

Food machinery

Boiler blower, induced draft fan, exhaust fan in mine

Municipal engineering, central air-conditioning energy saving reconstruction

The cyclone machine, centrifugal fan, etc

Circulating water pump, pump, oil field injection water pump, oil pump, music fountain

Papermaking equipment, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry, etc

◆ New structural design: good heat dissipation, small volume

◆ New hardware design

◆ Stable and reliable quality

◆ 16 segment speed, adjustable acceleration and deceleration for each segment speed

◆ Modular design, can adapt to a variety of expansion cards.

◆ Main and auxiliary frequency , frequency command can be switched; running command can be switched

◆ Built-in speed tracking function above 7.5KW   

◆ Can make large inertia load stop and start quickly

◆ Wide voltage design

◆ More adaptable to domestic power grid

◆ Two control modes: V/F control and open loop vector control

◆ 0.75~22KW built-in braking units of various specifications, can connect the braking resistor directly if need to stop quickly.





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