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Application of DZB312 inverter for Carving machine


The mainstream CNC carving machine is composed of computer, carving machine controller and carving machine main body, its working principle is to design and typeset the patterns through the special carving software configured in the computer, transmit the information of design and typesetting to the controller of the carving machine through the computer, and then the controller converts these information into the pulse signal that can drive the stepping motor or servo motor, and control the carving knife positioning of the X, y and Z axes on the main body of the carving machine. At the same time, the controller starts the inverter, drives the carving head of the spindle motor to rotate at high speed, cuts and drills the processing materials fixed on the main machine workbench, and then carves out various plane or three-dimensional relief figures and characters designed in the computer, realizing automatic carving operation. According to different processing materials and process requirements, it can be matched with different special cutters. 


Schematic diagram of carving machine 

Spindle control system of CNC carving machine

The spindle system is an important component of the CNC carving machine, and its performance has a crucial impact on the performance of the whole CNC carving machine.

The spindle system of CNC carving machine is required to adopt stepless speed change, at present, inverter is mostly used to drive asynchronous AC motor. The spindle motor mostly adopts two-stage high-speed brush less water-cooled motor, which has low noise and large cutting force. The operating speed is generally 0-24000r / min, and the corresponding frequency of the inverter is 0-400Hz. In order to improve the machining efficiency, a large carving machine is equipped with multiple spindle heads, and a inverter drives multiple spindle motors at the same time.

DZB312 series special inverter for carving machine, with its unique super performance and superior cost performance, meets the performance characteristics of wide speed regulation range, high speed stability, strong overload capacity, large low-speed torque, short acceleration and deceleration time required by the main shaft, and occupies a large market share in the domestic carving machine Market.

Inverter drive of spindle system

Carving machine power supply system has single-phase 220V and three-phase 380V. Most models use single-phase 220V power supply. The electrical wiring mode is divided into the following two types according to the given mode of frequency source.

The frequency source of the spindle is the mode given by the analog quantity


The installation and wiring diagram of frequency converter is as follows:


The inverter receives the 0 ~ 10V analog signal output by the controller, and the voltage value is proportional to the speed regulating frequency range set by the parameters in the inverter. FWD is the forward rotation signal of the inverter. When the controller sends the forward rotation signal, the output relay on the controller acts, the normally open contact of  the relay is closed, and the signal is provided to the inverter. L1 and L2 are the power input of the inverter. If the inverter selects three-phase input, it can be connected to the R, s and t terminals. TA / TB / TC is inverter relay output, usually selects the inverter fault alarm output and connects to carving machine controller or external fault indication circuit.

The spindle frequency source is the mode of given multi-segment speed

The installation and wiring diagram of  inverter as below:


S1 is the forward rotation signal of inverter, the carving machine controller sends the forward rotation signal to start the spindle motor. S3/S4/S5 is a digital signal selected by multi-segment speed. Connected to the passive output contact of the engraving machine controller, the inverter operates according to the different combination signals of S3 / S4 / S5.

Features and advantages of Fuling inverter in carving machine

1. Standard 0-600Hz frequency output range, maximum 1500hz, fully meet the speed regulation range of carving machine.

2. Adding two kinds of parameter macro functions, can operate normally only by adjusting a few parameters, convenient for installation and debugging.

3. ± 20% wide voltage design, meeting the application occasions with large voltage fluctuation.

4. Dynamic torque current control, fast response to load change.

5. Compact structure, saving installation space.

6. Through strict EMC test, strong anti-interference ability.

7. Strict quality management system, ensure the stable and reliable operation of products.

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