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Application in CNC machine tools of BD330 series inverter

Application in CNC machine tools of BD330 series inverter

This article summarizes the debugging and application of BD330 series inverter on the general CNC machine tool. With the continuous improvement of technological requirements, the usage of CNC machine tools is increasing, making the frequency converter become an indispensable and important part in the CNC machine tool control system, BD330 series high performance vector inverter......



In the mechanical manufacturing industry, when using ordinary machine tools to process complex parts or batch products with high accuracy, skilled technical workers are required to complete it by hand. This inefficient traditional processing method can no longer meet the needs of modern manufacturing industry. With the rapid development of computer technology, advanced machining centers and CNC machine tools emerged at the right moment, and gradually become the mainstream machine tools. In the spindle speed regulating system of machine tools, the traditional complicated gearbox type graded speed regulating method can not meet the requirements, so it is particularly important to adopt the more advanced variable frequency stepless speed regulating method. For the common three-phase asynchronous ac motor, the speed sensorless vector control inverter BD330 can obtain up to 150% of the starting torque, can realize the automatic identification of online and offline motor parameters, wide speed range, low speed fluctuation, ensuring the stability and accuracy of the machine tool system.


Functional requirements of CNC machine tools:

The core of CNC machine tool is CNC operating system, in order to achieve different processing technology, inverter is controlled by the CNC operating system to achieve the machine tool spindle stepless speed regulation.

Low speed and high torque, which can guarantee normal cutting operation at the speed of 100r/min.

The rotation speed is stable without loss of rotation. In the process of thread machining, the range of slip is required to be within a few revolutions. If the slip is too large, the thread pitch will be uneven, so the thread processing cannot be realized.

Terminal control as command source, two-wire terminal control: forward command, reverse command.

The rotation speed is given by 0 ~ 10VDC output signal of CNC system and controlled by external analog quantity.

Acceleration and deceleration time is short, generally within 1s, and braking resistance is required.

BD330 has the following unique advantages:

Stable start and stop, wide speed regulation range.

Reliable operation, long-term continuous and stable operation.

Simple and convenient operation, small maintenance.

Output characteristics can meet the requirements of the CNC machine motor.

Inverter wiring and debugging:

Wiring diagram


Converter parameter setting table:

Function code

Setting value




Vector control mode



Terminal command



Terminal given



Max. Output frequency



Upper frequency



Acceleration time (set according to actual load)



Deceleration time (set according to actual load)


Motor parameter

Rated power


Rated frequency


Rated speed


Rated voltage


Rated current



Measurement of rotation parameters


To sum up, fuling BD330 inverter meets the requirement of speed regulation of the spindle of CNC lathe and realizes the requirement of cnc machine tool processing.

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