Spindle motor

KZG series High-speed CNC Servo Spindle Motor

Heavy cutting in the low speed area, low vibration in the high speed area, high precision, fast dynamic response, only 1.9 seconds from 0 to 20000 revolutions


● Vertical machining center

● Drilling and milling center

● Compound high precision machining center  

◆ High precision: radial <0.005 axial <0.01

◆ Optimized mechanical design, with high mechanical precision and low vibration characteristics, suitable for direct connection of the 

main shaft

◆ High efficiency: higher than IE3 efficiency level of IEC60034-30, level 2 energy efficiency of GB18613-2012

◆ Built-in encoder, no additional C-axis encoder required

◆ Good control performance , fast response speed , accurate zero speed positioning, high precision of indexing control

◆ The optimized winding design and high-efficiency cooling structure enable the motor to have a strong and agile acceleration 

capability and a wide range of speed regulation capabilities in the high-speed area


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