General frequency inverter

DZB300 Series General Vector Inverter

DZB300 series high-performance vector inverter adopts DSP control system to complete the optimized speed sensorless vector control and V/F control, with richer functions, more flexible application and more stable performance.


Metal processing, CNC machine tools, wire drawing machines, and other mechanical equipment 

Municipal engineering, central air conditioning energy-saving transformation

Papermaking equipment, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, textile industry,etc.

Various fan and pump loads

◆ Provide multiple fault protection functions: over current, over voltage, under voltage, overheat, phase loss, overload, etc 

◆ Two speed control modes:  Vector control without PG(SVC)  V/F control mode

◆ 8-stage simple PLC, multi-stage speed control and PID control 

◆  Input and output terminals are free to program, and users can combine multiple working modes according to their needs

◆ 0.75~15KW built-in braking units of various specifications, can connect the braking resistor directly if need to stop quickly.

◆ Support many frequency setting modes: digital setting, analog setting, PID setting, communication setting

◆ Starting torque  Vector control without PG: 0.5Hz/150%(SVC)

◆ With instantaneous power-off and non-stop function 

◆ The inverter above 37KW has a built-in DC reactor to improve the input side power factor and the efficiency and stability of the whole 






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