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Fire drill

Author:FOLINN 2023.04.24

In order to strengthen spring fire safety work, popularize fire safety knowledge, and improve the ability of park employees to respond to fire emergencies, on April 21, Folinn Group collaborated with coaching institutions to carry out major investigations and rectification work. By organizing park employees to learn fire safety knowledge and participate in fire emergency drills, a solid fire safety barrier was provided for building a safe Folinn.

The tutoring institution teacher first gave everyone a safety class. Combined with typical fire incidents in previous years

Therefore, it explained in simple and profound terms the knowledge of fire protection, types of fire extinguishers, daily inspection and maintenance, and guided everyone to use dry powder fire extinguishers to personally experience "on-site fire extinguishing", enhancing everyone's self-protection and self rescue ability through on-site practice.


Finally, organize employee fire escape drills, and the employees in the building will evacuate safely and orderly according to the escape route landmarks and evacuate to a safe area.



This fire emergency drill provided comprehensive training to employees in Folinn Park on how to establish a sense of fire responsibility, eliminate fire safety hazards, use fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment in the initial stage, and ensure safe escape. This enhanced their fire emergency response capabilities and enabled each employee to further build a fire safety "firewall" on site, laying a solid foundation for the fire safety work in Folinn Park.

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