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One of China biggest express group-Yunda visited Folinn Company

Author:Folinn 2020.12.07

At about 9:30 am on December 1, the leaders of Yunda Group visited our company for investigation and research. Chairman Zhong Zhibing, technical director He Renfang and others attended the reception.



Chairman Zhong Zhibing warmly welcomes the leaders of Yunda Group to visit Fuling on-site inspection. Accompanied by the chairman, Yunda Group leaders visited Fuling Cultural Exhibition Hall and modern factory successively, and the Chairman also showed the guests the latest scientific research results.

At the subsequent exchange meeting, the chairman introduced to the guests that Fu Ling has been deeply engaged in product technology research and development in recent years, especially in the development of new product projects such as inverters, logistics intelligent equipment, and spindle motors. As a leader in the domestic logistics industry, Yunda Group has always been in a leading position in the construction of intelligent warehousing. Chairman Zhong Zhibing emphasized that he hopes that both parties will strengthen communication and exchanges in the construction of intelligent logistics warehousing equipment, and finally reach in-depth cooperation to promote intelligent warehousing in the domestic logistics industry Technological development.


After watching the promotional video and listening to the report, the leaders of Yunda Group highly recognized Fuling's standardized

 management, product research and development strength, and the performance achieved by development measures, and said that 

they would bring the inspection situation back to the headquarters for research and strive to establish a cooperative relationship as 

soon as possible


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