Smart Hoist

Q5L Smart Hoist

Can traditional liting devices still meet your needs for lifting? When your work has higher requirements for speed, accuracy and efficiency of lifting device,Kinmotor"Itelligent lifting device" will be your best choice. Kinmotor Itelligent lifting device has unique patented technology, using industrial processor control servo drive system, to achieve higher lifting speed and assembly accuracy. Combining advanced technology with human,the operator can lift and move heavy objects easily. Kinmotor itelligent lifting device for you to maximize production efficiency, greatly reduce the physical strength of production personnel, at the same time reduce the product damage rate,reduce the occurrence of industrial accidents, production personnel safety riskto a lowest.

1.Safety warning

Operation of any kind of lifting equipment may be potentially dangerous, so before starting to use this product, please be sure to master all the instructions and precautions in the manual.


2.Safety Precautions

1, the power supply voltage for single-phase AC 220V (± 5%) , must be reliably grounded! Do not use voltages other than those specified.

2. The intelligent lifting device shall be mounted on a structure of sufficient strength.

3. Before doing any lifting, be sure to confirm the following:

(1) use the correct sling.

(2) the position of the rope must be in the middle of the hook, and the safety piece must lock the hook properly.

4, lifting the object, lifting, pulling handle can not suddenly force or change the direction. The lifting and pulling force of the handle should not be too large, less than 5kg, and then change the running direction after the motor stops completely.

5. When lifting the weight, the hanging object can not be shaken too much.

6, when lifting the load must be average and close to the center to determine the balance of the load. Do not lift when the weight is not balanced.

7, when lifting work, the operator must face lifting heavy objects, do not back to or ignore. 8. It is not allowed to exceed the maximum load of the hoist to avoid accidents.

9. Please press the emergency stop button immediately in case of any abnormality or accident during operation to stop lifting.

10. When the control system alarm, the hoist can not run up and down.

11. Please be sure to turn off the power after the operation.

12, regularly check the chain, such as damage, do not operate. Accessories should be replaced immediately.


3.Safety devices

1, electromagnetic brake

The intelligent lifting device is equipped with power off brake device, when overload, failure, power off and other situations occur, the brake device will immediately take effect.

2. Hook and safety piece

The hooks are forged from high tensile steel and heat treated to meet the requirements of load strength. The lower hooks can be rotated horizontally 360 degrees and are equipped with hook safes to ensure safety during takeoff and landing.

3. Emergency stop button

This button is used to stop the hoist in case of emergency.

4. Limit device

The device is equipped with upper and lower level sensors, which can stop immediately when the limit is met and only run in the opposite direction.

Iv. Product specifications and parameters


Product specifications and parameters


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