Spindle motor

KZ series CNC Servo Spindle Motor

Compact structure, superior performance, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, widely used in various fields of machinery manufacturing; using optimized winding design and efficient cooling structure, so that the motor has a strong and agile acceleration capacity and a wide range of speed regulation in the high speed area ability.


● Machine tools, plastic processing equipment, paper machinery, printing equipment, textile equipment, wood, glass, ceramic and stone processing machinery, packaging machinery, servo presses, wire drawing machines, cable stranding machines, lifting equipment or cranes, test benches, user design Special machine, seamless steel tube hot continuous rolling system, aluminum foil rolling machine, full circle machine, bending hoop machine, automatic pipe cutting machine, metal circular saw machine, hydraulic machine, cleaning machine, rotary cutting machine, automatic shelf (large electric commercial) 

◆ Low rotational inertia and fast dynamic response

◆ Built-in encoder, no additional C-axis encoder required 

◆ Motor is equipment with independent fan, forced air cooling 

◆ Low noise and low vibration

◆ High torque and high dynamic performance(slope. Rising time is short)

◆ The efficiency reaches the IE3 efficiency level of IEC60034-30 and the level 2 energy efficiency of GB18613-2012


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