Spindle motor

KE Series Motorized Spindle

Turning, milling and grinding are stable at high speed and low speed and large torque


● parallel motion machine tools

● pentahedral machining centers

● small hole and micro hole machining machines

● flexible machining electric spindle

● grinding electric spindle

● engraving and milling electric spindle

◆ Adopt high-precision spindle mechanical structure design, the spindle cone runout is small, and the end face runout accuracy is higher 

than that of similar lathes.

◆ Good control performance, fast servo response, accurate zero speed locking position, and high accuracy

◆ Maintenance-free lubrication structure design, high-capacity protective structure, low operating temperature rise, stable use for a long


◆ The optimized winding design and high-efficiency cooling structure make the electric spindle have a strong and agile acceleration 

capability in the high-speed area

◆ Improve the short-term rated power and torque design, strengthen the short-term heavy cutting ability, thereby shortening the 

processing time

◆ High efficiency: higher than the IE3 efficiency level of IEC60034-30-2008, the energy efficiency level 2 of GB18613-2010 is low noise, 

small vibration, stable and reliable


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