Servo drive

FS110 Series Motion Control Servo Drive

FS110 series servo system is a safe new servo drive system upgraded on the basis of FS100 series servo system in accordance with market demand. The use of advanced control algorithms can achieve accurate digital control of speed and position. Using DSP + CPLD + Intelligent Power Module (IPM) and other latest technology design, single-phase or three-phase AC220V voltage level input, simple operation, high reliability, small size and easy installation. The power covers 400W-3KW, which is suitable for the requirements of various industrial automation motion control equipment.


● Automatic high-speed paper cutter   

● High-speed packaging automation industry  

● Automatic rivet machine 

● Food processing industry    

● Textile industry(spinning machine)   

● Automatic high speed labeling/filming machine

◆ High dynamic response 

The bandwidth of the speed loop can reach 300HZ, and the speed change of the sudden load is small

◆ Analog command control  

Speed and torque share one analog input, which can be differential or single input, range -10V ~ + 10V

◆ Resonance control

Resonance can be suppressed by adjusting internal parameters. Encoder signal output; the encoder signal is frequency-divided and

output through a line drive

◆ Strong overload capacity 

Torque up to three times rated load

◆ Protective function

Over-voltage, over-current, overload, over-speed, and encoder abnormality are fully prepared for error detection and recognition, which

 improves the system's safety performance

◆ Speed range 

◆ Maximum speed up to 5000rpm and minimum speed 0.1rpm

◆ Position control mode 

High-speed optocoupler isolated Plus / signal CCW / CW, PLUS number and A / Bphase, PLUS signal position control adopts differential 

or single-ended pulse receiving mode, which can effectively suppress interference. Carry out smoothly during deceleration, increase the 

digital filtering and detection method of pulse signal

◆ Input and output terminals

The input and output terminals are optocoupler isolated and the function is programmable. The input terminals can realize functions 

such as servo enable, alarm clearing, torque limit and emergency stop. The output terminals can realize indication functions such as 

alarm, positioning completion and speed arrival, making the operation process more normalized. In addition, the input interface can be 

controlled by switches, relays and open collector transistors. The output uses Darlington photocouplers, which can be connected to 

relays and photocouplers. The interface is more convenient to use.

◆ System composition characteristics:  Application of FS110 series servo

◆ Basically use touch screen + PLC or customized host controller as the control system

The serve system accepts the speed or position signal of the host computer to follow or shift the speed 

Servo system with high precision and resolution of 0.01mm

The servo system has a fast response speed, adapts to the frequent acceleration and deceleration equipment application and simple 





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