Servo drive

BD680 Series Spindle Servo Drive

BD680 spindle Servo drive is mainly used for positioning, pulse synchronization and other occasions. When applied to machine tool spindle, the spindle motor with encoder can be closed-loop controlled, with fast response, smooth speed and so on, at the same time, it can cooperate with different CNC system to achieve spindle quasi-stop, rigid tapping, indexing positioning and other functional requirements.


● Machine tools

The BD680 spindle servo drive meets the requirements of CNC machine tools for spindle drive. The drive has the following performance:

◆ Low frequency rigidity 

It can output 300% rated torque at 0.5Hz. In the zero servo state, when the load changes greatly, it can respond quickly to ensure that the rotating shaft does not move at the set position.

◆ Fast position response 

In the position mode, the adjustment cycle of the loop is greatly improved to ensure that the spindle can quickly make a position response and quickly complete the positioning control. At the same time, under quasi-stop control, the BD680 can reasonably and effectively make optimal curve planning according to the current state, corresponding to the previous spindle positioning, and improve the positioning efficiency.

◆ High speed and stable speed accuracy, high position control accuracy

Under different speeds and different loads, while ensuring the rapid response of the speed and position, it also ensures high-precision control of the speed and position.

◆ Fast acceleration and deceleration time  

The BD680 spindle drive can achieve rapid and stable acceleration and deceleration of the machine tool transmission unit (spindle) through reasonable voltage and current suppression and efficient energy consumption braking, and improve production efficiency.

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