Dedicated inverter

DZB312 Series Engraving Machine Special VFD

DZB312 series frequency inverter specially designed and customized for carving machine processing industry. It adopts sine wave pulse width vector control technology and built-in carving machine special macro code function, which is convenient for user's installation and debugging. With reasonable wiring technology, the product is more stable and reliable.


●woodworking engraving machine

advertising engraving machine

stone engraving machine

craft engraving machine

cylindrical engraving machine

 Power range 0.75-11KW           Output frequency range 0-600.0Hz  

 Use independent air duct, suitable for dusty occasions

 Automatic torque boost and automatic slip compensation

 Unique core algorithm, less external interference   

 Factory setting of special macro code parameters for engraving machine to facilitate user debugging.

Technical parameters

◆ input voltage:1AC220V±15%  3AC220V±15%  3AC380V±15%

◆ Output power range:220V:0.75kW~15kW,380V:1.5kW~15kW

◆ output frequency:0~600Hz,custom-made above 600Hz

◆ Input frequency 47~63Hz,power factor≥95%

◆ control mode:Non-PG vector control, V/F control

◆ Source of operation instruction:given by panel, terminal and   RS485 communication

◆ Source of given frequency:given by panel figure, analog quantity, RS485  serial communications, multi-speed simple PLC and PID etc.

◆ Overload capacity:130% rated current 60s、150% rated current 3s

◆ Carrier frequency:1.0kHz~15.0kHz,and can be automatically adjusted according to temperature and load characteristic.

◆ Frequency resolution:the given digital value is 0.01Hz,and the analog quantity is given as the highest frequency plus 0.1%

◆ Torque elevation:Manual torque can elevate 0~30%

◆ Inching operation:frequency range:0.0Hz~ Maximum output frequency Inching acceleration and deceleration time:0~3600.0s

◆ Simple PLC and multistage speed operation:it can realize up to 8 segments running

◆ Automatic voltage regulation: When grid voltage fluctuation occurred, it can automatically maintain constant output voltage

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