Dedicated inverter

BD331 Series Constant Pressure Water Supply Special VFD

BD331 series is a special frequency inverter for constant pressure water supply of factories, communities and municipal construction. The 32-bit DSP full digital control system and advanced vector control algorithm are adopted to realize the high-performance PID and high-precision pump load drive control. While improving the reliability and environmental adaptability of the product, the customer's ease of use and professional design of the industry are strengthened, with more optimized functions, more flexible applications and more stable performance.


● Constant voltage water supply in urban and rural residential areas, urban central heating water supply

● Water treatment, water supply pressurization pump station, constant voltage oil delivery system, etc.

● Industrial and mining enterprises production water, circulating water, industrial boiler water supply system

◆ Multiple control modes: support multi-pump multi-mode control 

◆ Built-in standard 485 communication 

◆ Automatic carrier adjustment function, using motor with large starting torque and low noise during high-speed operation.

◆ Timed rotation control can effectively prevent the pump from dying 

◆ High pressure arrival detection, low pressure arrival detection, sleep/wake function, water shortage alarm function, fire inspection 



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