Dedicated inverter

BD615 Series High Performance Cutting Machine Special VFD

BD615 is a four-in-one inverter specially developed for the four-process CNC blanking machine on the basis of BD600. There are four spindles in the four process CNC cutting machine. When producing panel furniture, all four spindles can be punched. Most of the spindles are 6KW high-power spindles, which are specially responsible for simple engraving of slotting / cutting / punching.

◆ Four-in-one intelligent drive the main shaft of the cutting machine

◆ Work station fast switching<0.2 seconds

◆ Quick start and stop:<1.8 seconds           

 ◆ Save installation space:450*315*190mm

◆ Save installation time:<100 seconds        

◆ Simple wiring: four power lines + 16 motor lines + host computer control line

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