Dedicated inverter

FS50L series High Performance Synchronous Special VFD

FS50L series inverter is a high-performance synchronous servo drive, mainly for the speed and torque control of three-phase AC permanent magnet synchronous motor, which can realize open-loop vector control without encoder.


● textile industry

● air compressor, injection molding machine

● petrochemical industry

● ceramic industry

◆ Using high performance vector control technology, low speed and high torque output

◆ Power saving: maximum power saving

◆ Has good dynamic characteristics, super overload capacity 

◆ With simple PLC function, it can realize multi-mode multi-step speed timing operation function 

◆ Rich and powerful combination function, stable and reliable performance 

◆ Professional open-loop synchronous algorithm provides perfect application solutions for different brands of permanent magnet

 synchronous motors

◆ Can be used to drive various automated production equipment

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