Dedicated inverter

BD330-PV Series Solar Pump VFD

BD330-PV series solar water pump inverter is a high-performance inverter specially developed for solar pump industry on the basis of BD300. The product uses high-performance vector control technology, combined with the requirements of solar pump application control, can realize excellent PID control function, maximum power point tracking function, intelligent sleep and wake-up function, under load, water shortage alarm and other control and protection functions. Easy wiring and simple operation.


● Solar Pumps

◆ Cost effective  High cost performance

◆ Built-in motor water pump protection function  

◆ No battery design, suitable for various applications, easy to maintain

◆ Remote monitoring 

◆ Standard RS-485 interface, optional GPRS module for remote monitoring of solar water pump system / historical parameters anytime, 


◆ Flexible application

◆ Suitable for three-phase asynchronous motors, mainstream photovoltaic modules

◆ Can switch to mains work 

◆ smart and reliable 

◆ Leading motor and pump drive technology, 20 years of market application experience

◆ Built-in intelligent IGBT module, built-in over voltage, over load, over heat and dry-running protection




BD330-PV Manual

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