General frequency inverter

H1 Series Compact Vector Inverter

Based on the industrial application requirements of high stability, small size and easy debugging, Folinn has developed a new generation of compact inverters.


textile machines              ● packaging machines

● engraving machines        ● printing machines

● food machinery               ●  woodworking machinery

● pump fans                       ●  ceramic machinery

● solar pumps                    ●  others

◆ Multi-purpose: Suitable for asynchronous motors, Permanent magnet synchronous motor, Single-phase motor

◆ High carrier: Max 16KHz, Motor works quieter

◆ Customization: according to industry customization, remove redundant functions, make costs more reasonable and quality more stable

◆ Integrated design, reducing the number of boards and flying wires, eliminate potential failure points to the greatest extent, and maximize electrical and EMC


◆ Bus voltage suppression: over voltage control ensures the fastest speed of deceleration, flux braking realizes the fast deceleration when there is no braking resistance, 

and under voltage control realizes the instantaneous stop nonstop function

◆ Adaptive vector control: Vector performance, VF convenience, Motor parameters are not sensitive, No need self-learning.

◆ Independent air duct: No forced air flows through the components, Improving environmental adaptability.

◆ Compact thermal design: Volume compact, Easy to install.

◆ Use concisely: Select the source of the terminal according to the required function, saving the number and type of terminal.

◆ Flexible function: Flexible combination of setting values and commands, easily adapt to different applications.

◆ Wide range vector control: Frequency range 0~1000Hz, Adapt to most motors, Ensure high performance during high-speed operation.

◆ Fast current control: High dynamic response speed(15mS), Fast startup speed, Low speed fluctuation.




Brochure of H1 series compact inverter

H1 Simple Manual

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