General frequency inverter

BD600 Series High Performance Vector Inverter

BD600 is the latest generation of high performance vector control inverter developed by Folinn.


CNC machine tools            ●packaging machinery

wire drawing machines      elevator door machines

fan and pump                    ●dehydration machine

centrifuge machine            ●injection molding machine

●paper making machinery   ●lifting machinery


◆ Rich control methods and a new speed sensorless vector control(SVC) algorithm, bring better low-speed stability, stronger low-frequency 

◆ load capacity, and support 

SVC torque control,support a variety of PG cards, which can be realize the closed-loop control of asynchronous motors with more powerful and 

significantly improved motor control performance .

◆ Torque limited to control  

◆ “Excavator” feature, automatically limits torque during operation to prevent frequent over current trips; vector mode can realize torque control.

◆ Equipped with two sets of motor parameters, which can realize the switching control of two motors.

◆ Speed sensorless vector control(SVC), speed sensor vector control(VC), V/F control

◆ Straight line or S curve acceleration and deceleration mode, four kinds of acceleration and deceleration time can be selected through terminal.

◆ 10 kinds of main and auxiliary frequency sources, which can flexibly realize auxiliary frequency fine adjustment and frequency synthesis.

◆ Multiple encoder types are available 

◆ Support differential encoder, UVW encoder, resolver

◆ Two sets of 4-point input curves are added to the analog input for more flexible use

◆ 0.75~22KW built-in braking units of various specifications, if you need to stop quickly, you can directly connect the braking resistor.

◆ Through the built-in PLC or control terminal to realize up to 16 segment speeds automatic cycle switching operation, retention time, acceleration 

and deceleration of each segment speed can be adjusted

◆ All series of built-in speed tracking function, multiple speed tracking modes, speed tracking adjustable.





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